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One of the most common plumbing problems in a home is a sewer clog.No one wakes up and plans to have a backed-up toilet, a stubborn shower drain that will not drain, or cannot use any facility in the home due to everything clogged… rest assured here at Ascent we are qualified and trained to handle any sewer or drain issue in a home and/or business. Not only can we fix the current issue at hand, but can give a long lasting permanent solution to any sewer or drain issues.

Using state of the art equipment we can visually inspect all sewer and drain lines for the peace of mind of knowing your system is in good health or to identify the problem at hand and develop solutions to prevent this unwanted problem from occurring again and again.


Tree Root Problem
Broken/Collapsed Sewer Lines
A Clog

If it’s a stopped up line, a slow draining line, a recurring stoppage, or just routine maintenance on sewer and drains we got you covered. All of our technicians are highly qualified and trained to deal with any drain issue, and have the peace of mind that all technicians entering your home/business have been thoroughly background checked and strive to treat your home/business as if their own.


Water backing up
Slowly draining water
Toilet filling to the brim or overflowing
Toilet bubbling
Smell of sewage
Multiple clogged drains

For those very stubborn clogs that keep occurring or for periodic maintenance on your sewer and drains look no further.Using top of the line equipment specially designed for the plumbing industry we can use pressurized water to not only break up the blockage but use that same water to clean and flush out drain and sewer lines to help restore pipes to state of use.

Hydro jetting comes with a follow-up camera inspection to see the results of this process and assure that we can add our peace of mind warranty and stamp of approval for use again.

Problems you might encounter

Sputtering or Gurgling Toilet

Slowly Draining Water

Overflowing Drains

Bad Sewer Smell

Dirt Coming Up From

Leaking Bib Hose

Drain Repair Services
Fixing Drain Issues
Drain Repair

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