Gas Lines

Gas Lines
technician is checking a gas heating with gas detector

Gas Lines

If for whatever reason you feel unsafe about a gas leak and/or gas appliance don’t hesitate to call Southern California Gas Co. @ 1-800-427-2200. From an appliance leaking gas to a sudden rupture in line to vegetation dying for no reason, we got you covered.

We are highly trained and certified in all gas or propane related issues and can handle diagnosing, fixing, or replacing any need gas related items in the home.

Problems you might recognise

Rotten egg scent
Hissing sound
Feeling light headed
Feeling fatigued or nauseous
Dead vegetation outside
Flow of air near your gas appliance
technician with gas leak detectorgas stove ongas line with wrench
Question 1
Question 2

Key benefits of working with us

We want you to be totally satisfied with our services at every interaction, which is why we're constantly striving for perfection.

Our clients are our priority
We maintain accurate records
We arrive on time
We take no short cuts
We meet obligations no matter what
We are trustful
We finish on time
We leave the work area clean
No Hidden Cost
Honest company

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